Install h.264 codec

  • Hello all, i'm novice on installing and configuring DoorPI but i had a fully functional system following the "standard " scripted installation procedure on a raspberry PI . So far so good.
    Enabled video support, all is fine (Asterisk pbx, video call with good quality calling a linphone desktop, until i'm using the video codec VP8 which is the default. I decided to buy a Grandstream video phone (GXV3240) which does not support VP8 codec (only h264 and h263 ) and there in after problems are arising.

    I knowthat H264 codecs are not installed by default with linphonecore but i can not find any way (a guide, even a small hint ) to install separately the support for h264. The funniest part is that with raspivid i can take h264 movies with absolutely no problems. :whistling:
    So now i'm stuck and i'm here kindly asking for your support.

    thks in avance :thumbsup:

  • I just found a workaround for my Grandstream GXV3275 which I am trying to setup atm.
    With the latest firmware update you get the possibility to configure a door system in call settings, whre you can enter the stream URL of your MJPEG streamer.
    So no need for additional codecs.

    1. Set up a working SIP account
    2. In Call Settings, change "Special Feature" to "Baudisch Door System"
    3. You will see a new entry "Configure Door System" -> Press Configure
    4. Enter Your MJPEG Streamer URL under "Door System URL" and SIP Number of your Doorpi under "Door System SIP User ID"

    Edit : Finished my setup today and can confirm this working.

  • Hallo,

    ich habe hier auch ein Grandstream GXV3275 stehen mittlerweile. Firmware ist die aktuelle installiert. Ich finde keine Option mehr, um für Türsysteme einen MJPEG Stream einzustellen. Es gibt nur noch Optionen für die Grandstream Produkte "GDS"- kann das jemand bestätigen? Ich zweifle gerade, ob ich einfach nur zu blind bin oder ob die Optionen wirklich verschwunden sind...

    Vielen Dank!