​How to make my doorphone to react on wrong number in keyboard filesystem?

  • Dear Thomas, thank you.

    now all numbers that we are dialing on our sensor keyboard are saved in txt files into directory /usr/local/etc/Doorpi/virtuals/inputs. names of the files are equal to enterd numbers.
    and that's why we are able now to call siphones that we have in our doorpi.ini.
    (actually we deal the same way with cards of a rfid reader)

    but we want to show that some entered from the keyboard numbers are wrong, that they don't exist in doorpi.ini.

    but how to do it we can't understand for now...

  • Hm, without major additions a keyboard in DoorPi, I'd try to restrict the rights to create new files in the directory holding the proper number files. There should be an event when doorpi cannot read one of the files (because it tries to read a file under a non-registered name=number). We should ask Thomas if we can catch this event.



  • thank you for your replies.
    sorry, if i made you confused, let me explain again what i want.

    now my keyboard works this way:
    by dialing some figures on the keyboard (or using rfid cards) i get txt files in the folder /usr/local/etc/Doorpi/virtuals/inputs.
    e.g. i pressed on keyboard figures "5" "4" "3"
    then i can see a file with filename 543.txt in that folder,
    and in the same moment i have in doorpi.ini :

    543 = call:004
    42881541 = out:Door,1,0,3 # this id of my mifare card to pn532 rfid reader

    so i receive the call on sipphone with phone number 004@....... or door will be unlocked.

    and my question was if e.g. i pressed 567 or use some wrong card with id 7654321 and i don't have these InputPins in doorpi.ini,
    how it is possible to get some notifications from the doorphone?

  • But how should the virtual keyboard know, when you try to pick a not existing file?
    This logic have to implement in this "keypad to file" keyboard.
    This is also realized with the rdm6300 keyboard with the event "OnFoundUnknownTag".
    This is, what you search for, isn't it?