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    Hi Thomas,

    congratulations for the DoorPi project.
    Very interesting!!!

    I made a version of Doorpi for my home and I'm excited about it.

    If I have to be honest, I found some difficulties regarding the language of the forum, since the majority are written in German.

    I deal with IT and electronics. I created an Android App that works in Kiosk mode and I installed it on three devices Nexus 7 2012 works very well.
    I would like to share it with forum visitors.
    I could also share a preconfigured DoorPi image that contains DoorPi, a configured FreeSwitch server and the MJpeg streamer server.
    On the raspberrypi I installed the Zeroconf service and similarly on the Android App a Zeroconf client that resolves the Doorpi name instead of the IP address.
    I have also created a support for the Nexus 7 and the three devices are powered remotely with a 12 V voltage line and locally there is a 12V to 5 V switching regulator under the support, the power connector is magnetic so that the Nexus 7 can be easily removed.

    I collaborate with an electronic magazine: e
    I thought it would be interesting to make an article about Doorpi.
    The magazine discusses Opensource articles.

    Do you let me know what you think?

    Do you authorize me to write the article?

    some images:

    Mirko Ugolini


    I found a problem during setup in a new rasperry pi 3+

    the line #from pip.req import parse_requirements

    should be replaced with:

    try: # for pip >= 10
    from pip._internal.req import parse_requirements
    except ImportError: # for pip < 10
    from pip.req import parse_requirements

    that due to refactoring of pip in version 10



    Hello All,

    I'm trying to use a webservice to trigger some actions on doorpi, for example a
    webservice that is powered by a remote sensor shared with other home
    automation devices gives me the outdoor brightness.

    Through the value read by this webservive I would like to condition the lighting of the internal light of the stairs.
    My idea is to read the brightness value at regular intervals and act accordingly take the appropriate action on Doopi.

    Would you give me some help?

    Thanks in advance

    Hello All,

    let me introduce myself.

    My name is Mirko and I'm from Italy.

    I followed the Doorpi project with great interest and made a version for my home on three floors.

    I used RaspiPi2 I installed Freeswitch + Doorpi + Gstream.

    I made some Modification In the Android App for adapt it to my requirents and when finisced I will share with your forum.

    My installation works quit well.

    But have some doubts/request:
    Suppose the first floor does not respond, can you redirect the call to
    another voip number after a certain timeout or a number of rings?
    I would not change the Freeswitch's dialplan but handle it directly from Doorpi.

    Is it possible to query a temperature or brightness sensor by calling a
    http service wget and retrieve a value and on a value-based basis
    affecting Doorpi's behavior?

    c) Is it possible to have one exaustive list of Events Handled by Doorpi?

    Thank you in advance for your support and still congratulations on the project.

    Mirko Ugolini

    Hello All,

    I'm new in the Forum.

    My name is Mirko.
    I'm a web developer, I'm from Italy.

    I installed the DoorPi on jessie Raspberry Pi 2 and it Works.

    When I press the doorbell button I can place a call to my mobile running Linphone client and so on.

    I installed the mjpg-streamer ant it works too:
    Accessing the mjpg-streamer on the port 8080 I can see the still page and the Livestream.

    But the problem is that when I pace a call I got this error:

    doorpi.sipphone.from_linphone] /dev/video0 does not support streaming i/o

    and the video in the mobile is black.

    Does the mjpg-streamer must run as Deamon for Video call or not?

    Please Let me know


    Mirko Ugolini


    i forgott to insert:

    # camera with v4l2 driver