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    • Request for AUTHORIZATION


      Hi Thomas,

      congratulations for the DoorPi project.
      Very interesting!!!

      I made a version of Doorpi for my home and I'm excited about it.

      If I have to be honest, I found some difficulties regarding the language of the forum, since the majority are written in German.

      I deal with IT and electronics. I created an Android App that works in Kiosk mode and I installed it on three devices Nexus 7 2012 works very well.
      I would like to share it with forum visitors.
      I could also share a preconfigured DoorPi image that contains DoorPi, a configured FreeSwitch server and the MJpeg streamer server.
      On the raspberrypi I installed the Zeroconf service and similarly on the Android App a Zeroconf client that resolves the Doorpi name instead of the IP address.
      I have also created a support for the Nexus 7 and the three devices are powered remotely with a 12 V voltage line and locally there is a 12V to 5 V switching regulator under the support, the power connector is magnetic so that the Nexus 7 can be easily removed.

      I collaborate with an electronic magazine: e
      I thought it would be interesting to make an article about Doorpi.
      The magazine discusses Opensource articles.

      Do you let me know what you think?

      Do you authorize me to write the article?

      some images:

      Mirko Ugolini