Connect simple button & pull up/down & polarity config

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  • Connect simple button & pull up/down & polarity config


    I have a doorpi system based on a raspberry and i have a problem...
    I think my problem comming from electronic connexion / config

    Sometimes when i push my button, nothing append....

    Mi button is connected to GPIO:
    GPIO 23 (BCM)> push button > GPIO ground

    My doorpi.ini :
    mode = BCM
    temps de retour = 200
    pressure_on_keydown = True
    pull_up_down = PUD_UP
    polarité = 0

    My config.txt in \boot of raspebrry:
    GPIO = 23 = ip, pu
    GPIO = 24 = op, dl
    start_x = 1
    gpu_mem = 128
    max_usb_current = 1

    So with all of this, GPIO is always @high level and go @low when i push button right ?
    But something must not be right... need your help !

    Thanks !!
  • Hi,
    you also need to configure the individual GPIOs as inputs in doorpi.ini. The section should look somewhat similar to this:

    Source Code

    1. [Onboardpins_InputPins]
    2. 23 = call:**1
    3. 24 = call:**2

    If you had that already, please post this config section too - maybe there's an error there.

    Also I see in the snippet you posted, you have some config option names translated to french (like temps de retour or polarité). DoorPi only knows the english option names, and changing them to a different language doesn't work. Please make sure you always use the correct english option names in your actual config file.

    Maybe you simply have the button hooked up to the wrong pin. The BCM mode isn't exactly consistent in terms of pin numbering. Please double-check your wiring with the pinout utility, which should come shipped by default on Raspbian images.