Beiträge von olivluca

    Hello, I installed the app hoping that it would be more stable than the elcom app, but I have some problems:

    • in the changelog it say the latest version is translated to English but I only see the German version with no option to switch languages (maybe it depends on the language settings in android and since it seesit's Spanish it doesn't offer the English version?).
    • the videostream doesn't support digest authentication, only basic auth. Probably it depends on vlc (even on my desktop vlc doesn't work with digest auth). The elcom app has no problem with digest authentication.
    • I cannot authenticate to the sip server (yate): I see that the app sends a REGISTER, the server sends back a TRYING and then an UNAUTHORIZED message with the nonce but the app doesn't reply with a new REGISTER attempt, it just sits there doing nothing (other clients reply to the challenge and authenticate correctly). BTW, it doesn't matter the transport I select (udp, tcp or tls), the app always uses udp. I'm using a non-standard port, but I tried even with the standard 5060 and it does exactly the same.

    I followed the thread with google translate, so I hope I didn't miss something.

    Edit I forgot to mention, I downloaded the arm64 version.